O mundo nas entrelinhas.

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Uma pequena parte do meu imaginário particular aberta ao público. D.C., 19 anos.

"You have so many layers, that you can peel away a few, and everyone’s so shocked or impressed that you’re baring your soul, while to you it’s nothing, because you know you’ve twenty more layers to go."
Craig Thompson, Carnet de Voyage (via mrsfscottfitzgerald)

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"Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage."
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"It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone."
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When I first kissed him I thought
“So this is a kiss”
When I first hugged him I thought
“So this is a hug”
When he told me “I love you” I thought
“So this is how it feels to be loved”
When he left me I thought
“So this is how it feels to be lost”
But I was the one who lost.

When the others came,
the others
and the others
I kissed them and I thought
“This is not how a kiss should be”
I hugged them and I thought
“This is not how a hug should be”
There was even a moment in time where I thought I loved them but then I thought
“This is not how love should be”
When I left them I realized
How it feels to leave someone
There is no sense of loss involved

But then you came
Not in the middle of the others
Perhaps from the middle of universe
Because it always seems to revolve around you
And when I kiss you I think
“I’ve never kissed before”
When I hug you I think
“I’ve never hugged before”
When the whole world falls at your feet
It feels like I’ve never seen this sky
These stars
This moon
This sea
I lay by your side and I think
“So this is how perfection feels
This is how it feels to love someone”

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